Brightest Light, Darkest Knight

Eve's Holonet Log 3

Hayden has now made it clear that we will be able to maintain our status as Red Dragons while serving as the Jedi Council. In light of this I have further contemplated on Hayden’s suggestion that the Jedi Council might not be salvageable and what we would do in this instance. I believe that things would have to be rebuilt, from the ground up, to stop the ever occurring cycle of the Jedi’s destruction. The order needs restructured from its current system to one that will be more adaptable to the changes its members will face. If it cannot be more flexible it will continue to break. During this rebuilding phase the Jedi order would be vulnerable to outside influence and attacks. The Jedi would have to align themselves with a powerful combative force that did not desire to take them over, but simply agreed to protect them. It is convenient, therefore, that we have access to the Red Dragons.

The Council themselves will have to be able to understand the need for reformation and have the will to implement the change; this will mean that a new breed of Jedi will need to sit as Council. I believe that my group is best suited to this task. The twins bring an emotional depth that the Order needs. Their vast capability of emotion represents an aspect of many species that must be taken into account, not shunned; although due to that unstable emotional nature neither are suited to the role of Grand Master. Odax is an excellent scholar and would serve as a superior advisor aboard the Countil, however, due to his susceptible nature he is too prone to possession and persuasion to be able to be Grand Master. I have, therefore, surmised that I should fill that role. I am capable of the clearest thought process and will not allow personal interest to cloud my tactical judgment for the greater good of the entire Jedi order. I will be able to rely on aspects of all their personalities to consider every viewpoint, but will also be able to make the final decision and act based on tactics and logic.

I discussed with Hayden the need for the Jedi to be able to rely on not just the Red Dragon’s for military support, but all of the Mandalorians—one clan simply will not be enough support to protect the Jedi from the Sith and possibly from the Republic themselves. I explained that one clan of Mandalorians would not be sufficient and that the only conclusion would be for Hayden to take up the mantle of Mandalor and unite the clans. Then he would be able to offer the Jedi and the new Council the support that would be required. This in turn would provide a base of operations that the Red Dragon need; in addition, it would also solidify his alliance with the Jedi and thus ensure a longer more successful future for the Red Dragons. Hayden was reluctant to agree to this and stated that before he would embark on such ambitious professional goals he wanted to complete his personal goals first. He stated he wanted to be married and mentioned the importance for having a solid plan for clan succession. As his first declaration did not seem to include me I suggested he approach Paige to fulfill his personal needs. I understand he has known her longer and she would be a better suited choice—Hayden seemed put off by this and asked where I stood on the matter. I explained I was not aware I was an option, but that I would see his personal ambitions realized if he would like me to. I was surprised he utilized an old human tradition of bending one knee to ask. I agreed and stated the most obvious plan for clan succession would be for us to conceive a child. Likely the best method would be to grow that embryo in a Bacta tank to ensure I was still in fighting performance. I am unsure if Hayden’s surprise was because he hadn’t realized I had considered these things or if I was moving too quickly and bypassing certain emotional displays that one might expect from a female of my species. Regardless, he has agreed to all the key steps in my plan and has requested we take a brief shore leave after some sort of more formal ceremony so that the clan might recognize our partnership—I have agreed and suggested we head to a planet known for conflict and hone our fighting skills.

I will continue to consider how the Jedi Order might be further reformed. Here are the ideas I have thus far.

Jedi Order Restructure



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