Brightest Light, Darkest Knight

Eve's Holonet Log 4

Hayden was correct in his assumption that the Jedi council would be compromised. My comrades and I had to put them down while Hayden pursued the Dark Underlord. We were almost ambushed by a series of squad killer charges, however, Aruki deflected the blast and ended up separating herself from the group. We were unable to reach her and had to engage the council. All of whom, except Naomi Lightstar who wasn’t present, had been bionically enhanced with Sith Alchemy. Despite their enhancements they were easier targets to defeat than I expected; this was in part due to help from Atlas, who turned on the Sith to assist us. It has been over fifteen years since I have seen him—and still I knew him even before he removed his helmet. Our victory over the Sith corrupted Council was swift. Hayden had less success with the Dark Underlord as the Sith spirit escaped; but we saved many Jedi during the Temple reclaiming and overall it was a success. As with any battle the Mandalorians celebrated after; Hayden announced to the clan his intent to claim the title of Mandalor the Red as well our intent to be married. The clan was in a mild state of shock over the news—I assume it was quite a lot for them to take in; I am hopeful that their shock was due more to Hayden’s proclamation about Mandalor than the news of our pending marriage. I am hoping that the clan will accept me with relative ease.

In order to maintain control of the Jedi and stop the Sith, Hayden and I immediately departed for Mandalor. During this one to two week endeavor we should be able to accomplish positioning Hayden as Mandalor, killing a Mythosaur and start the biological feat of growing our children. I have learned that Hayden is a skilled doctor and am relieved that we won’t have to rely on outside assistance to create our children. Hayden has requested twins, a boy and a girl, instead of the one male child I suggested. I am surprised at how quickly he has adjusted to the idea of creating offspring so soon and of course agreed to his request. During our travel to Mandalor I worked on force gems while Hayden saw to the embryos.

Once we reached Mandalor it became apparent that the Sith had overtaken the planet. This was a very tactical move on their part in an attempt to gain even further military resources—they quite literally beat us to the punch. Regardless, we engaged several Sith battle ships, landed safely and also defeated the ground crew that followed us. We learned that during the battle our Nav system was damaged and we would be forced to complete our original two week flight plan that would take us to Dathomir. I had hoped we would be able to return to Coruscant once Hayden had secured the position of Mandalor so that we might take up the search for Aruki—that was now no longer an option. I can only hope that Airi and Odax will be successful in their retrieval of her.

Once we finished off the Sith droid ground crews we were attacked by a female Mythosaur—likely that our presence disturbed the beast from hibernation. Hayden and I had already discussed a plan well in advance and although we were taken by surprise we were prepared. We defeated the Mythosaur by stunning it in rapid succession, six seconds later and it was in a coma. We then pulled it apart to ensure its death. Hayden removed the bones needed for the Axe of Mandalor and I salvaged food and enough hide from the beast to supply all of the Red Dragons with Mythosaur armor. Once we completed this we made our way into the heart of the Mandalorian city so that we could retake the city that was now overrun with Sith. Hayden stated that it was likely the Sith took over the Mandalorian elder council and were occupying the largest building in Mandalor. I agreed this was the Sith’s most likely course of action. Hayden and I fought our way through the city and to the building where the elder council would reside. Noting that the council was likely on the top floor we used our jetpacks to bypass the first several dozen floors and headed straight for the roof. There we were able to see that Sith had indeed occupied the elder councils meeting room. We fought the five Sith lords, and after Hayden severed them from the force, defeat them with ease while still keeping them alive. I pulled each of their memories from them and obsorbed their connection to the dark side. I have given them another chance whether they wanted it or now; their skill level was too great to not take advantage of them as allies. Once this was completed we learned that the elder council had been killed and that the rest of the Mandalorian elite were being held in an underground dungeon in this building. Hayden and I fought our way to the prison and released them all. One of the captives was a Mandalorian high priest—Hayden requested him to officially wed us on Mandalor.

After the ceremony Hayden gave a speech to the Mandalorians—demanding they acknowledge him as Mandalor the Red and that they report to Coruscant for assignment. From Mandalor we set course for Dathomir—and along the way received a transmission from Atlas. It seemed he had tracked down Aruki and rescued her; however, there were complications. Aruki was subject to Sith experiments and since she was in a comatose state Atlas took her primary Dr./scientist along with him, I determined both the scientist and Aruki were under the influence of the Dark Underlord and expelled his possession from them; at which point Atlas returned to Coruscant to report to the rest of the Council and reunite Aruki with Airi.

Once on Dathomir we discovered semi-intelligent Rankor enslaving humans; Hayden and I intervened. We were able to mind trick the Rankor into working with the humans and I drew on my vergence in the Force to make the women force sensitive. I declined to connect the men of the planet with the force as they had subjected the women to brutalities and had all fallen to the dark side; instead of killing them I have empowered the women to be able to handle the situation on their own.



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