Kles'airi'emyr (Airi)


Airi (pronounced: Eye-Ree)       CL 9
M Chiss
Jedi 7 Knight 2

Destiny 2; Force 10; Dark Side
Init: +13; Senses: Perception +14
Languages: Basic, Cheunh, Binary, Huttese
Defenses Ref 25 (flat-footed 21), For 24, Wil 26
hp: 108; Threshold: 24
Speed: 6 sqrs

Melee: +13
Lightsaber, Rakatan Dual-phase [Sigil] +14 (2d10+10)
Lightsaber, Rakatan Dual-phase [Bondar & Firkraan] +14 (2d10+8)

Ranged: +13 (By Weapon) +4

Base Atk: +9; Grp +13

Force Powers (18/Encounter): Battle Strike, Cloak, Drain Energy, Energy Resistance, Force Grip, Force Light, Force Shield, Force Slam, Move Object, Phase, Rebuke, Repelling Saber, Sever Force, Surge, Vital Transfer

Force Techniques: Improved Vital Transfer

Force Secrets:
Abilities Str 18, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 20

Talents: Block/Deflect, Dark Side Sense, Resist the Dark Side, Sentinel Strike, Dark Deception

Feats: Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple, pistol, heavy, exotic: rakatan), Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Force Readiness, Force Sensitivity, Skill Focus (UtF), Unstoppable Force, Force Training (3x), Skill Training (Deception, Persuasion, Stealth, Use Computer), Tech Specialist, Superior Tech

Skills: Acrobatics +13, Deception +14, Initiative +13, Knowledge (Technology) +13, Mechanics +13, Perception +14, Persuasion +14, Pilot +13, Stealth +13, Use Computer +13, Use the Force +16

Special Qualities: Low light Vision

Experience Points: 45,000 / 55,000

Force Twins
With One Mind: Once per turn as a free action, force twins can ask a single question out of character for the other to answer in detail. The twin that asked understands the response intuitively which means the explanation can be as elaborate as the player answering the question likes, although the player of the asked twin can always choose to forego answering a question posed by their twin. Additionally, force twins can use the Telepathy application of Use the Force as a free action with one another and can relay words at conversation speed and images in real time. If both are involved in combat, they can choose to average their Initiative rolls and act on the result at the same time. Finally, by readying a standard action, a force twin can make a Use the Force check to confer the benefits of the Aid Another action on any skill check the other twin makes provided they are within 6 squares. The twin benefiting from the Aid Another cannot also benefit from Enlighten.

Twin Soul Force: Force twins may take a reaction in response to anything that targets their twin as though they had been targeted themselves provided the twin is within 6 squares. Force twins may spend a Force Point to change the range to line of sight or a Destiny Point to ignore the range limitation entirely. A Force Point or Destiny Point spent in this way does not count toward the single expenditure limit per turn. If both twins react, the targeted twin can choose which reaction to take. Additionally, when the twins are within 6 squares of one another, they can choose to allow a Force Power they activate to affect their twin as well. Force Powers that can be maintained continue to provide benefits to both twins but the benefiting twin loses the benefits of the maintained Force Power if they are ever moved more than 6 squares apart. Even if they move back to within 6 squares of one another, the Force Power must be reactivated anew to confer benefit to both twins.


Kles’airi’emyr has never had any clear memories of life before the Temple, what she has had is an innate sense of
calm and security. Of unconditional affection. A voice in her head inspiring her confidence and instilling in her an intense drive to succeed, not for her own sake. She always knew her twin, Aruki, even though they were separated before she had memories.

Though Airi possessed no memories of life before the Temple, there were certain facts she knew. She knew that the Jedi were not the only ones attune to the Force, keeping feelers out for talented younglings to take and train.

Unfortunately, a faction of Sith found Airi and her siblings first. The Jedi arrived shortly after, barely in time to prevent the Sith from absconding with the children, and too late to save the children’s parents. The three siblings, twin girls barely out of their infancy and a brother only a few years older, were sent their separate ways to receive training apart, where their attachment to
each other could not cloud their judgement.

Airi did well at everything as an Initiate (though she was frequently distracted by stray thoughts that usually did not pertain to her current activity in any way, often leading to embarrassment), but found little enjoyment in most areas of study. Though Lightsaber combat was exciting, and she could usually be found elbows deep in gears, wires, and grease in her rare moments of free time, Airi didn’t feel motivated by much of anything until the day her Academy staged mock battles for all the Initiates from their Academy as well as all of the nearby Academies. That was when she met her twin, Aruki, for the first time since infancy and it felt like they had never been apart.

Now she could focus like she had never been able to focus before, it was empowering, but most of all it was fun! Fun like Airi had never had before. They moved around the training ground in concert, each one making up for the other’s shortcomings as if by instinct. The Jedi masters took notice. This was like nothing they had seen before and- was that a slight anomaly in the Force they detected? Whether the Jedi masters decided that was worth studying or they saw that keeping the sisters apart was not having the desired effect, the girls began seeing more of each other.

Even after Aruki had departed, back to her own training facility, the masters noticed that Airi was more dedicated to her studies. She was acting with greater purpose and also greater mischief… for the sake of which she got lots of practice trying to avoid detection and sneak in to areas she wasn’t meant to go. Though they all spent more time than they liked scolding her, most of the masters took her antics in good part, especially since she never caused any harm. Once or twice she was caught in a vault containing busted old equipment, fixing things.

For some reason, these traits inspired a Jedi Shadow to take her on when she became a Padawan. After becoming Padawan, Airi and Aruki were actually able to see a little more of each other since they were now traveling more, visiting other temples and assigned to the occasional mission together. The twins were both talented and progressed in their training quickly.
Throughout their time at their respective Temples, Airi and Aruki had both heard rumors about their brother. Most rumors spoke of his swordsmanship, but others spoke of his single-minded focus and purpose, his seriousness and excellent work ethic. It was said that he could be relied upon and he never shirked away from a difficult task. Though she rarely saw Andrasi, and usually only from afar, Airi took comfort in what she heard and was proud to know he was her brother.


A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

They were on their way to the debriefing for the mission they had just completed. Their master silent and somber was taking
the lead, striding purposefully down the corridor, leaving Aruki and Airi to follow behind. Airi stifled a yawn. She realized the necessity of relaying the information that they had obtained as quickly as possible to the Council, but all she could think about was food. A big juicy steak! Or pie, that sounded really good too, she heard there was a really good place to get pie here on Coruscant. A hot bath sounded nice too…

Stop it! Aruki interrupted Airi’s thoughts and punctuated it with a swift kick,_ I am trying not to laugh over here._ Airi grinned at her unrepentantly and started to say something in reply when, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed movement out the window in the courtyard down below. Their brother was advancing on the building and looking none too happy, if the anger she could sense rolling off of him in waves was any indication, someone was about to hear about it.

“Master, I suddenly find that I have very urgent business to take care of. May I be excused?” Airi wanted to intercept Andrasi first, maybe he would listen to her instead of doing something rash that he might regret later… she also didn’t want Aruki involved. Though Aruki was tough and could take a beating like no other, Airi felt a weird sense of protectiveness, wanting to shield her twin from unnecessary emotional distress.

Airi’s master turned to look at her, eyebrow raised in question, voice calm and almost imperceptibly amused, “I’m so sorry to intrude on your busy schedule, but what is more important than the Council?”

Airi flicked her eyes very briefly toward the window, where she could see her brother just now entering the building, before awkwardly whispering, “I- you know- lady things…”

“I see…” Her master replied, having followed her glance out the window. Airi found her self on the receiving end of an assessing glance from her master before he responded, “I suppose the two of us will have to suffice, then. I’ll make your excuses to the council.”

As Airi turned to walk away Aruko grabbed her hand and in a worried tone, “Do you want me to go with you?”_ I’ve never seen him look that way. Please let me come with you, I have a really bad feeling about this._

Airi smiled reassuringly, “No, thanks though.” Don’t worry Aruki, our brother would never do anything to harm us. The Force, the Code guides us and he will see the logic in what I say to him. There is nothing to worry about.

Slipping her hand out of her sister’s, Airi strolled calmly away until she was out of sight, then she moved as quickly as possible to intercept Andrasi. Jumping over the railing to bypass the stairs to the floor below, she ran round a corner and nearly collided with her brother. An expression of surprise flashed briefly across his face, but he recovered so quickly she almost didn’t see it.

“You.” She had a moment to feel shock at the sheer loathing in his voice before he grabbed her shoulder and shoved her hard against the wall. His saber was out and against her throat quicker than she could blink, he smiled grimly, “Just the person I wanted to see.”

“Brother, what- what can I do for you?” Airi forced her words out through a throat suddenly tight, though she struggled to keep her body relaxed. “I want to help you.”

Through gritted teeth, as though he was still endeavoring to hold back the overwhelming emotions coursing through him, bleeding into the tone of his voice, “So now you want to help me? Do you know what it felt like? To forever be hearing about the two of you?! How special you were? How powerful? How close?! I should be the one receiving praise and recognition. I have accomplished all – and more- than you have ON MY OWN.”

Airi responded quietly, with undercurrents of sorrow threading through her voice, a slight tremor in her voice betraying her emotions, “I heard about you too, brother. I heard tell of how quick-witted you were, how hard-working and serious. I was told that watching you spar was a wonder to behold, that your saber danced with you, no longer separate but merely an extension of your arm.” She’ll glance down at it, pointed against her throat, and smirk. “I see that what I heard is true. I- I have always been proud to know that you’re my brother. …Have you ever thought that when you were told these things, about Aruki and me, that there was never any intention to hurt you, but rather to keep us as close as the Code would allow?”

“As much as the Code would allow?” Andrasi would repeat incredulously. “It allowed the two of you more leniency than it ever did me, and I sacrificed everything that I am everything I have ever had for the sake of the Code,” He would spit the last word out like a curse. “Well, I am DONE with your damn Code. Everything it has taken from me I shall wrest back with my own hands, by whatever means necessary.”

She knew that Airi had told her not to come, Aruki had smiled at her twin and felt reassured by her calming words. But after Airi left, Aruki couldn’t help but feel concerned. She had a compulsion to check on her twin, a sense of dread had begun to seep throughout her body, spreading from the heavy pit in her stomach. She ran through the whole of the Temple, hoping to get there in time, pleading through their telepathy, Airi where are you?!

Just as Airi had said, the lightsaber with a flash came back and moved with Andrasi’s arm like a swan extending its wing, the two pieces moved fluidly as one. Aruki turned the corner to come into the room at the moment as the saber and his arm reached the peak.

Aruki saw what her brother was planning and instinct kicked in, she raced forward, her feet pounding on the ground as fast as her heart was beating. She managed to slip between her twin and her brother right as she felt the white hot heat from the saber over her face. The flash of blinding pain shook her body and the last thing Aruki remembered was hearing Airi’s cries as she hit the floor and darkness overcame her.

Kneeling on the floor with Aruki cradled in her arms, Airi would whisper softly in her ear, one hand stroking her twin’s face while she held back tears, “I told you not to come, stupid. What would I do if something worse had happened to you? We may have separate bodies, but we share only the one heart.”

Kles'airi'emyr (Airi)

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