Luna Titus


Force Powers Known
Battle Strike, Cloak, Energy Resistance, Enlighten, Farseeing, Force Shield, Force Slam, Force Stun, Hawk-Bat Swoop, Move Object, Negate Energy, Phase, Rebuke, Saber Swarm, Surge, Vital Transfer


  • doesn’t trust easily and always watches her back
  • doesn’t believe the Jedi are as good as they claim to be
  • knows that people try to take advantage of her because of her age so she lies about it, often saying she’s in her mid-20’s
  • buys street rats food when she can
  • doesn’t mind taking illegal jobs as long as innocent people don’t get hurt
  • is super messy, bordering on safety hazard
  • doesn’t “smart mouth” as learned the hard way that can get you in trouble
  • tends to be grouchy in the morning
  • she is a hell of a gambler and has often come out on top in high stakes games


Luna Titus grew up as a street rat on Coruscant. She was recognized as force sensitive when she tried to pick pocket a Jedi with move object. She was taken to the Jedi Academy at the age of 7.

Luna showed great promise, but also difficulty in adapting to her new life. She didn’t take orders well from her instructors, nor did she interact well with the other younglings. This stopped any Masters from taking her as a padawan.

Master Gladius Otho (a human male) was well known for working with troubled younglings—turning even the most unruly into well respected Knights. This reputation earned him high respect within the Council. One of Luna’s teachers spoke with Master Otho and explained how talented, but troubled she was—Master Otho agreed to take her as a padawan just before she reached the age of 14.

Luna excelled in Master Otho’s teachings of the force and lightsaber, however, her wild nature often irritated him. After conventional attempts to maintain her obedience Master Otho resorted to…other means. Luna learned that Master Otho’s great reputation was due to him using mind trick on his padawans; brain washing them into civilized and well behaved Jedi Knights.

Further angered at the Jedi, at the age of 15, Luna ran away—escaping with some mercenaries on their smuggling vessel leaving Coruscant. She traded her passage for several light saber crystals she stole from Master Otho’s private stock.

During her time with the mercenaries Luna became a fantastic pilot. A botched smuggling mission resulted in the mercenary captain’s order to kill civilians who could testify against them. Luna refused and was forced to kill the captain and his crew. She took his ship, The Hydra, and has been running the show since she was 16.

Luna Titus

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