Eve's Contacts


Item Overview
Mechanics Checks: 1 @ DC 25, 1 @ DC 30
Creation Time: 44 hours
Market Value: 6,300c

Item Creation
Dual Gear Bracer Computer / Electrobinoculars
Miniaturize x2
+2 Emplacement Points added

Item Bonuses
+2 equipment bonus on various things
+2 equipment bonus on Perception checks
-1 every 10 squares instead of 2 squares
Provides lots of information based on items within field of view
Can change eye color at will
Can display other iris patterns for visual recognition systems


Item Description
A powerful computer embedded in contact lenses that can perform both computer functions and electrobinocular functions. The interface is based on the a specialized focusing/interface program which follows queues given by the eye and eye movement. When the user focuses on something in the distance, for example, the contact lenses automatically zoom and display all relevant distance information. Further, focusing on specific items displays heads-up information. The contact lenses track eye movement, focus, and blink inputs from the user to intuitively use the device.

Eve's Contacts

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