Hayden's Lightsaber #1

The saber given to Eve to mark their engagement.

  • twin template
  • massase’ prototype
  • when wielded with 2 hands, x3 strength instead of x2
  • superior accuracy +2 to hit
  • superior damage +5 to damage
  • dura steel bonding, +5 hardness to saber itself, +1 die to all critical hits
  • waterproof
  • force activated, swift action as part of the draw, DC 5 use the force check
  • dual phase, can store 2 crystals for 2 modes OR increase reach by 1 square at a -2 reflex penalty
    (this penalty cannot stack with itself, if wielding two sabers with this you are at a -2 total not a -4)


  • Krayt dragon pearl, +3 damage

Hayden's Lightsaber #1

Brightest Light, Darkest Knight GMJJ