Character Creation

Abilities: 3d6, reroll 1s, drop lowest, replace with 6, two columns
Remember everyone gets an additional +2 to their Ability Scores
We’ll be balancing based on the point buy of the highest roller in the group (which I believe is L-Beth at 81 points)

How to Adjust final Abilities
  • Calculate the point value of your abilities (use this for determining your ability score costs)
  • In the same order that you rolled your ability scores (before applying racial mods or your final +2), roll a d6
  • Apply a +1 to the corresponding ability score
  • Recalculate to see your current point buy
  • If you’re still below the point buy standard, repeat this process

Note: If your roll would increase an ability that puts you over the point buy cap, roll again to determine a different ability to increase.

Example: Jonathon rolls a 15, 13, 16, 17, 16, 18 because his dice fucking hate him. This puts him a staggering 21 points behind the highest roller. He rolls a d6 and gets a 5, increasing his 16 to a 17 and moving him up to 63 points. He continues to roll for incremental increase and gets a 1 (15-16, 66 pts), 2 (13-14, 68 pts), 4 (17-18, 72 pts), 6 (reroll cause 18 can’t be increased), 3 (16-17, 75 pts), 1 (16-17, 78 pts), 3 (has to be rerolled because the increase would put the total point buy over 81 pts), then a 2 (14-15, 80 pts). This concludes the random assignment since there are no additions that can be made and still keep the point value total at or below 81 pts).

Level: 9

Backstory + Picture: Will net you a Talent and a Feat (respectively)

Setting: Old Republic – but all technology is fair game (there will be X-Wings, cause fuck continuity)

House Rules See General Revisions (salute) for more ifnormation

Wealth: Still working on this one, go ahead and assume you have Ops gear in the mean time.

Character Creation

Brightest Light, Darkest Knight Jonathonathon