Force Crystals


Force Crystals are pieces of crystal specifically attuned to force users and imbued with the living force that grant them special abilities. Crystals can be used by any force sensitive creature that has Use the Force as a trained skill. Crystals come in three different types: fragments, shards, and gems. Activating a Crystal Shard is typically a Free action or Reaction, noted specifically in the crystals description. Multiple crystals that confer the same benefit, even of different types, are not cumulative and do not stack.

Types of Crystals

Fragments: The least powerful version of Force Crystals, Fragments are one-time use crystals barely strong enough to contain the living force. After conferring the benefit they provide, Fragments shatter into worthless tiny pieces. Any force sensitive creature can carry any number of Fragments. Fragments do not increase the DC to create the Force Crystal.

Shard: Shards are slightly more resilient than Fragments and appear to look more like actual crystals. As a result, Shards are capable of conferring their benefit to their beholder once per encounter. After their use, Shards appear as little more than inert crystals until they are able to completely recharge by drawing in the living force around them. Since Shards draw in the living Force from around them, having too many Shards can be detrimental to a character.

Each character may safely carry a number of Shards equal to the static number of Force Points their current class level grants them. For instance, Jedi and Scoundrels may carry 5 Force Crystals. Jedi Knights and Sith Apprentices may carry 6 Force Shards. Sith Lords and Jedi Masters, who are more in tune with the living Force than anyone else, may carry 7 Force Shards.

Every additional Shard carried after this limit levies a cumulative -1 persistent condition track penalty which can only be removed after discarding excess Shards.

Gem: Full formed Crystals containing a potent distillation of the living Force, Gems are the most powerful crystals a force sensitive character can wield. The benefit conferred by the Gems lasts for the entire encounter after being activated as a Swift action. Each Gem counts as two Shards for purposes of how many Crystals a force sensitive character can carry at once. Gems increase the DC to create a Force Crystal by 25.

Creating Force Crystals

Creating a Force Crystal requires a special handheld machine which facilitates imbuing crystals with the living force. This device can be constructed by any force sensitive creature (DC 20 UtF, 8 hours of work) and requires various parts and energy cells which cost 10,000c.

Each type of Force Crystal requires a base crystal with a certain purity. The base cost for these Crystals is equal to the base DC to create the Crystal (without adding the modifier for different types of Crystals) multiplied by a cost modifier for each type of Crystal. Fragments have a cost modifier of x1, Shards have a cost modifier of x10, and Gems have a cost modifier of x100. For example, a Fragment Unstoppable Force Crystal would require a crystal to create worth 30 credits. A Shard Insightful Force Crystal would require a crystal worth 200 credits to make. Lastly, a Gem Assured Power Force Crystal would require a crystal worth 1,000 credits to make.

Additionally, divide the DC of the crystal by 5 (including the difficulty increase from the type of Crystal) to determine how many hours the Crystal takes to create. For example, creating a Fragment Power Recovery Force Crystal would only take 2 hours, a Shard Resurgence Force Crystal would take 7 hours, and a Gem Second Chance Force Crystal would require 8 hours to create. These hours need not be consecutive.

While creating a Force Crystal the character must have a quiet place and work the entire time uninterrupted. At the end of that time, the character makes a Use the Force check with a difficulty determined by the type of Force Crystal they wish to create. Success means the crystal was created as intended, while failure means the Crystal is Flawed.

Flawed Crystals

Flawed Crystals occur when a character attempts to create a Force Crystal but does not meet the required difficulty on their Use the Force check. Flawed Crystals, upon activation, explode with corrupted force power and deal 1d6 points of Force damage per 5 points of their DC upon activation to the user. Fortunately the function of a crystal and whether or not it is flawed can be determined by any Force Sensitive creature that spends a minute studying the crystal and succeeds on a Use the Force check equal to the DC of the Crystal. If the assessor fails to meet this difficulty, they are unable to determine the properties of the Crystal but may try again. Flawed Force Crystals cannot be remade and the base crystal used in their creation is rendered worthless by the failed attempt.

Types of Force Crystals

Crystal TypeDCEffect
Fragment+0a one-time use Force Crystal
Shard +10a once per encounter use Force Crystal
Gem+25an indefinite use Force Crystal

Assured Power10reroll one die of damage when using a force power
Augmentation: Force Blast25force blast also knocks back targets it strikes
Augmentation: Inertia25Inertial maintained as a move action, can run upsidedown
Combination20combine two force powers into one force power activation
Imbued Talent15gain a single use of one Alter, Control, or Sense talent
Insightful20substitute a Use the Force check for a single skill
Power Infusion15rolling a natural 20 UtF grants a temp force point to augment a Force Power
Power Recovery10successfully rebuking, but not rebounding, a force power allows you to recover a power
Power Surge15rolling a natural 20 on an attack renews a single Force Power
Resurgence20gain an additional use of a limited use Talent
Second Chance15reroll a force power activation if the die roll used is 5 or lower
Stalwart10ignore moving one step down the condition track
Stored Power20release a stored force power
Unstoppable30ignore condition track penalties for one Force Power activation

Assured Power DC 10
As a reaction to rolling damage dice with a Force Power, you can choose to activate this crystal to reroll a single die of damage.

Augmentation DC 25
Augmentation crystals alter a Force Power in some way, granting the wielder a unique effect when activating a Force Power that the crystal was designed to augment. Augment crystals are activated as a free action when the wielder also activates a Force Power. Augmentation crystals cannot be used on Force Powers activated as a Reaction. Two examples of Augmentation are listed below:

Inertia (Shard) Augmenting the Inertia power, this Crystal allows the user to maintain Inertial from one round to the next with a move action (which also included the movement provided by Inertia). Additionally, while the power is augmented, the Force user can run upsidedown and does not fall at the end of their movement if they maintain Inertia.

Force Blast (Fragment) This Fragment augments Force Blast so that targets successfully struck are thrown in a direction of the characters choosing. They move 1 square plus 1 square per 5 by which you overcome their Defense with your activation roll.

Combination DC 20
This crystal is activated as a swift action prior to using a Force Power. The wielder can choose to activate a second force power from their force suite with the same (or less) activation time in conjunction with the first power. Both powers use the same Use the Force check to determine their potency and effects. If both powers effect one target and the target attempts to Rebuke, a successful use of Rebuke repels both Force Powers. Combination Force Crystals can only be made from Fragments and Shards as no Force User has ever been able to create a Gem Combination Force Crystal.

Imbued Talent DC 15
These crystals are activated as a free action and confer a single benefit of a Force Talent. The Talent can be from any tree a Force Sensitive creature can take including: Alter, Control, Sense and Force Using Traditions. If the Talent confers a benefit that is longer than an encounter, the benefit ends at the end of the encounter. Shards can maintain benefits from a Force Talent that has an indefinite duration but the Shard is effectively “committed” to mainlining that one Talent and cannot be used for anything else in encounters following the one it was activated in. Imbued Talent Crystals cease to confer their benefit if they are ever separated from the activator, even if the Talent only requires a single activation to confer a long term benefit. Only Fragments and Shards can be made into Imbued Talents, no Force user has ever created a Gem Imbued Talent Force Crystal.

Insightful DC 20
These gems are attuned to a single skill upon its creation. As a reaction to the character making a check with the corresponding skill, the character can choose to substitute a Use the Force check for the appropriate skill. The character is considered Trained in the skill for the result of the check augmented by this Crystal. Insightful Force Crystals are Fragments only, no Force user has ever created a Shard or Gem Insightful Force Crystal.

Power Infusion DC 15
Activated as a Reaction to rolling a natural 20 on a Use the Force check, this Crystal confers a temporary Force Point for the remainder of the encounter. This Force Point can only be used to augment a Force Power with the effect listed for doing so in the Powers description. Further, this temporary Force Point does not count against your limit of Force Points per round when used. If not used by the end of the encounter, the temporary Force Point is lost.

Power Recovery DC 10
This Crystal is activated as a reaction to a successful Rebuke that prevents, but does not rebound, a single Force Power. After doing so the character recovers a single expended Force Power of their choosing. Power Recovery Force Crystals can only be made from Fragments and Shards as no Force User has ever been able to create a Gem Power Recovery Force Crystal.

Power Surge DC 15
A Power Surge crystal can be activated as a reaction to rolling a natural 20 on an attack roll. Doing so allows the character to recover a single expended Force Power of your choosing. Power Surge Force Crystals can only be made from Fragments or Shards, as no Force User has ever been able to create a Gem Power Surge Force Crystal.

Resurgence DC 20
These Crystals are used by Force Users after they have expended a limited use Talent. The Crystal activates as a Reaction to the wielder attempting to use an expended limited-use Talent and allows them to do so one additional time. Resurgence Force Crystals can only be made from Fragments or Shards, as no Force User has ever been able to create a Gem Resurgence Force Crystal.

Second Chance DC 15
Second Chance Crystals allow the wielder to reroll any Use the Force check made to activate a Force Power if the die used to activate the power rolls 5 or lower. This Crystal is activated as a reaction to the activation of the Force Power allowing the character to reroll the activation roll.

Stalwart DC 10
These Crystals are activated as a reaction to a Force Power moving the wielder down the Condition Track. Upon activation, the Crystal prevents the character from moving one step down the condition track. If the character moves multiple steps from a single source, this crystal only prevents one step. If the source moving the character down the condition track is persistent and this crystal completely prevents the effect, the character does not gain a persistent condition.

Stored Power DC 20
This Crystal is able to store a Force Power with a trigger set by the creator. This Crystal does not change the activation time of the Crystal but otherwise allows the creator to use a Force Power without using up their actions. Examples include a Stored Power: Rebuke which allows the wielder to respond to a Force Power with the stored Rebuke and another Reaction of their choosing. Another example, a Stored Power: Move Object, allows the wielder to release the Move Object stored within the crystal when using another action (such as activating Force Slam). Even if the Crystal could facilitate multiple activations in the same encounter, using the Crystal discharges the Power and the Crystal cannot be used again until a power is once more stored within it. Imbuing a Power within the Crystal requires a full round action, an expenditure of a Force Power, and the player should denote the activation roll of the Force Power at the time of the Crystals imbuing. Should the activation roll be a Natural 20, the imbued power does not recover all of the characters Force Powers upon triggering.

Unstoppable DC 30
This Crystal is activated as a reaction to moving down the condition track from a Force Power. Upon its activation, the character ignores all condition track penalties to the activation of a single Force Power. Unstoppable Force Crystals can only be made from Fragments or Shards, as no Force User has ever been able to create a Gem Unstoppable Force Crystal.

Creating Your Own Force Crystals
Here’s my rough design for Fragment DCs based on power:

< Feat – DC 10
Feat – DC 15
Talent – DC 20
Force Technique / PrC Class Feature – DC 25
Force Secret – DC 30

More or less pick out what which one of these five most closely represents the benefit conferred by your crystal (as far as scope of power and usefulness go) to determine the appropriate DC. Add in the Force Crystal Type DC modifier to calculate the final DC. Hopefully pretty straight forward, but clear custom Force Crystals with the GM.

Force Crystals

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