General Revisions

I found some official errata on Wizard’s site (and here’s the errata pdf in case you’re interested) that I thought might eliminate some confusion. Also found this Official FAQ Compilation which is a good read. Lastly here are some resource compilation materials if you’re interested.

Force Points

Instead of gaining your class bonus + 1/2 your level each level in Force Points, you gain this many Force Points per session. Feats that grant Force Point augmentations, such as Force Boon, apply to your Force Points per session instead of their listed benefit. Like Class Defense bonuses, your character uses the highest Class Force Point bonus of all known classes to determine Force Points per session.

Destiny Points

Limit 1 per round

Base class gains class Force Points – 4 Destiny Points per session (ex. A 7th level Jedi gains another level in Jedi still has 1 Destiny point per session, while taking a level in Jedi Knight would give the Jedi 2 Destiny Points per session). Like Class Defense bonuses, your character uses the highest Class Force Point bonus of all known classes to determine Destiny Points per session.

• Change the target of a harmful effect within your base movement range as a reaction either to you.
• Reset your position in the initiative order
• Reset the use of one Feat and Talent (includes Starship Tactics and Force Training)
• Spend multiple Force Points in a single round at any time (not just your turn)
• Instantly regain 3 Force Points
• Reduce the damage from an attack that would reduce you below 0 hit points so that you have one hit point remaining
• Gain a +10 Destiny bonus to a single Skill check, attack roll, or Defense against a single attack

Miscellaneous Tweaks

• Force Points can be spent any time during a round, not just on your action

• Fool’s Luck and Skill Focus grant a +2 bonus to a skill check, not a +5, and these bonuses do not stack

• Feats will be granted every odd level (1, 3, 5, 7, etc) instead of the listed progression

• All characters gain a +2 increase to an attribute of their choice at character creation

• Skill Training grants your Intelligence modifier in additional trained skills

• Proficiency is now just a single feat. When you take this feat, you select your Wisdom modifier in weapon and armor groups to become proficient with.

• Jump and Mechanics are class skills for Jedi

• Block and Deflect are combined into one talent

• Block and Deflect can be used to negate barrages (such as Force Lightning or autofire). If you succeed on the Use the Force check, you take half damage or no damage if the attack did not overcome your Defense.

• Vital Transfer and Dark Transfer can only affect a single sentient target once per scene and the same character cannot use both powers on a single target in a single scene.

• Using the Surge power is a free action and you’re always considered to have a running start when making jumps augmented by Surge.

• If you’re injured while maintaining a Force Power that requires a standard action to do so, you must make a Use the Force check to continue maintaining the power. The difficulty is 10 + the damage taken.

• Returning a Force Power or Starship Maneuver to your suite is a reaction, not a swift action.

• Force Stun and Force Slam check against the target’s Damage Threshold, not Fortitude Defense.

• Jury-Rigging a device restores 1d8 hit points to the object or device in addition to moving it +2 steps on the condition track.

• Resilience, the Jedi Sentinel talent, allows you to move +2 steps on the condition track as a swift action instead of its listed benefit.

• You cannot aim an area of effect attack. In addition, the base DC to hit the targeted area is 10 and a natural 20 on an attack roll does not deal double damage. An area of effect attack that fails to overcome the Reflex Defense of a target that has cover deals no damage to that target.

• Vehicle weapons add half your character level (in addition to any other miscellaneous modifiers, such as Weapon Specialization) to damage before the multiplier. Critical hit multipliers are applied to total damage rolled.

• Full Round Actions still allow for a single Swift action to be taken in the same round.

• We will not be playing with 5 foot adjusting in this game.

• Lightsaber Form Talents that benefit Block and Deflect (or any talents that require them as a prerequisite) also benefit Use the Force checks made to mitigate incoming damage when using Lightsaber Form Force Powers..

• Collision damage dealt to crews with full cover aboard ships is reduced by the ship’s Damage Threshold.

• Weapon Specialization is now a Feat, not a Talent, that has Weapon Focus and a +4 BAB as a prerequisite and is a Bonus Feat for the Jedi and Soldier classes.

• Each use of Enlighten by the same character on the same target in a single encounter incurs a cumulative one “step” penalty (e.g. -1 for the second use, -2 for the third, -5 for the fourth, and -10 for the fifth and beyond). You can spend a Force Point to ignore the penalty for a single activation but it continues to accumulate as normal.

Talent Revisions

Telekinetic Savant: Once per encounter as a free action when you activate a force power with the Telekinetic descriptor, that Force Power does not consume a use of your per encounter force powers. You may select this feat multiple times, with each selection granting an additional use of this talent once per encounter. Core p.100

Force Focus: As a full round action make a Use the Force check with a difficulty of 15. If you succeed, your character regains a single force power use plus an additional use for every 5 by which you exceed the DC (rounded down). Core p.101

Dark Side Savant: Once per encounter as a free action when you activate a Force Power with the Dark Side descriptor, that force power does not consume a use of your per encounter Force Powers. You may select this feat multiple times, with each selection granting an additional use of this talent once per encounter. Jedi Academy Training Manual p.16

Force Power Adept: You may spend a Force Point to reroll any Use the Force check to activate any Force Power once per encounter. This feat may be taken multiple times, with each additional instance granting another use of this talent once per encounter. Core p.214

Transfer Power: As a standard action, you may grant one of your Force Powers known to an ally within 12 squares until the end of the encounter. When the ally activates that Force Power, it expends a single use of their Force Powers per encounter as normal. Activating this talent also expends a single use of your Force Powers per encounter but you otherwise retain access to the transferred force power. Jedi Academy Training Manual p.24

Prepared For Danger: This talent is redundant and no longer needed.

General Revisions

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