You destiny is to connect with someone the force has meant for you to find. You must become committed to someone of great importance to you and that connection must leave you more complete and fulfilled with the force. This alliance of the heart must also have a significant impact on the galaxy; however, this could mean that the romance is pivotal to your personal development and once your soul is completed with your other half you are able to tackle difficult situations you were unable to face before (whether these events are positive or negative is up to you).

Examples of this destiny include Leia Organa’s romance with Hon Solo, Anakin Skywalker’s romance with Padme Amidala and Luke Skywalker’s romance with Mara Jade.

Destiny Bonus: Once per encounter you and your significant other, when within 10 squares of each other, may activate a force power for the other’s benefit. For example, one may rebuke for the other.
Destiny Penalty: You take a -2 penalty on skill checks and your Will defense for 24 hours.
Destiny Fulfilled: You gain a permanent +2 to your Charisma.

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