Jedi Order Restructure

The Nine Covenants of Order

• The Order will conduct general force classes where Jedi may continue to study even if they have not been assigned a specific Jedi Master for training. Jedi will not be turned away from the prospect of knighthood regardless of if they are assigned to a Master or not.

• Jedi Masters will only be assigned Padawans in specific circumstances and would still be obligated to participate in teaching during general force classes.

• Jedi Knights may still seek specialized training; if that training requires influences outside of the Jedi the Council may provide expressed agreement for the Jedi to endeavor such training.

• Fraternization will be allowed with discretion and professionalism. All such relationships should be kept tactful. The Jedi Council should be made aware of such relationships and significant others should not endeavor missions together without the expressed agreement of the Council.

• Those in the Order will be allowed contact with their families; however, discretion with professional matters and information is paramount and expected of its members.

• Jedi may request a sabbatical if they are under duress; under most circumstances reentry to the Jedi Academy shall be allowed, however, final say of the reentry will be under the Jedi Council’s authority.

• The Order will equally focus on diplomatic training as well as combat training. If it is obvious a Jedi excels at one, but not the other and is unsuccessful at one aspect—that will be noted in their file. They will be allowed to continue to study, but will be assigned missions based upon their specialty—they may require a partner, whether diplomatic or combative to balance them during missions.

• Those who have touched the dark side of the force out of grave necessity will not be shunned. The Council will judge each case independently and on its own merits. If the candidate is accepted into the order for reformation it will be under special supervision. They will understand that their training will be more rigorous than standard classes. They will understand they will be segregated to some degree from other students and should they continue to fall to the dark side in any manor they will be expelled with prejudice.

• The Order will not mandate those who have a connection to the force to join the Order. Joining the Order will be voluntary.

Jedi Order Restructure

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